Environmental Control Systems

The objective for these greenhouses is to provide four season comfort and enjoyment and be adaptable to create any growing environment.  Whether you are over wintering plants in a cool house environment or tropicals in a hot house, these structures are capable of creating any climate.

Our environmental control systems will include combinations of heaters, exhaust fans, motorized intake shutters, automatic roof ridge ventilation, vertical wall windows, vents, thermostat and programmable controls.  Some equipment suppliers are Wadsworth Control Systems, Modine Manufacturing, Bayliss Precision Components, and Canarm AgSystems.  For more information on how to create the best environment, please contact us at 1-888-391-4433.

Greenhouse mechanical systems can be connected to an automation controller to maximize efficiency and normalize the interior environment. Our typical controller packages function as follows:

  • 4-Stage Electronic: uses a centralized temperature sensor to operate a mixture of four stages for cooling or heating. The control operates multiple equipment at once and can be calibrated to fit your environments needs. The unit comes pre-set and configured for the equipment in your greenhouse, with drawing schematics for your electrician to work with.
  • STEP Up Control: includes 6 stages; 2 for heating and 4 for cooling and is an approved energy saving device. It offers analog output for variable speed exhaust fans, optional humidity sensor and additional equipment such as a weather station or software to log data and further enhance your greenhouse environment. The STEP design allows for gentle transitions between set points to save energy.
  • EnviroSTEP: For use in a single zone, it has 3 set point periods and allows for a greater amount of flexibility to connect and modulate additional equipment. Both analog and digital inputs/outputs allow for light, CO2, RH, temperature sensors along with weather station capability to automate your mechanical equipment depending on the outside environment. Concerned about high winds? The weather station attachment senses wind speed and direction to automatically close roof vents to prevent damage.
  • VersiSTEP: If you are controlling multiple zones in your greenhouse, the VersiSTEP can handle up to 8. With 24 relay outputs, and expandable with a VersiSTEP Satelite control, you have unlimited ability to control your greenhouse environment. All the same benefits of the EnviroSTEP but with greater range.
  • Please contact us for more information on our Wadsworth supplied automation equipment, or view their website: www.wadsworthcontrols.com

When using an automation controller, you need the mechanical equipment to moderate the greenhouse environment. The following equipment is recommended and commonly used in conjunction with the automation controllers above:

  • Continuous Motorized Ridge Vents: these run the length of the ridge and are operated by an elegant rack and pinion with heavy duty motor. The motors are operated by a vent control unit, which can be manually operated separately from any automation controller. These roof vents allow for maximum passive ventilation and run in routine with other mechanical equipment when used with an automation controller.
  • Continuous Motorized Side Vents: similar to the roof vents, these run along any length of the greenhouse walls and can be customized as needed to fit your space. Rather than a rack and pinion, these are operated by lever-arms and pinion. Motorized side vents can be used as air-inlets for use with exhaust fans or in passive ventilation mode with the roof vents.
  • Exhaust fans: Almost every greenhouse has at least one exhaust fan to help moderate the maximum temperature inside. Commonly used with a motorized intake shutter to draw air in a cross-ventilation pattern to balance interior temperatures. Standard exhaust fans operate on a single speed, but can come in 2-stage and variable speeds.
  • Heaters: we supply forced air unit-heaters, either electric, natural gas or propane which are supported between framing members in the greenhouse roof. These are heavy duty heaters and intended to last in a humid environment. Other types of heaters can be used, whether you like base-board heating or want to put the investment of in-floor heating, these can all be used in conjunction with an automation controller, but we can only provide unit-heaters.
  • HAF Circulating Fans: Horizontal airflow fans keep the air circulating around your greenhouse, preventing hot and cold spot and encouraging fresh air for your plants to stay healthy. Other options can be used to circulate the air, such as ceiling fans.