Willow Pond Lodge and Lakehouse Conservatory

Willow Pond Lodge and Lakehouse conservatory is located on beautiful Whidbey Island on the Pacific West Coast.  The attached greenhouse conservatory provides guests with an intimate view to the natural surroundings.

Size and Framing

  • Size: 20’ 4” x 23’ 2” with Meridian Superior frame glazing bar
  • Meridian 3 inch rafter roof bar
  • Substantial 4×6 truss and purlin tubular support system
  • Custom 6/12 roof slope with 8’ sidewalls from raised foundation wall
  • Luxury 3 glazing rafters

Environmental Control Systems

  • Continuous automatic ridge vents with rack and pinion openers
  • VC 2000 vent machines with a thermostatic 4 stage controller
  • Custom 24”x16” intake shutters
  • Sidehung casement windows

Decorative Options

  • Custom size commercial storefront doors
  • Double stacked Victorian gutter with 2” downspouts


  • Custom double glazed panels with 6mm tempered Solarban 80 high performance Low E the roof
  • 4mm high performance Solarban 60 Low E for sidewalls
  • R Value is approximately 3.03


Every estate greenhouse is designed with the customer’s unique needs in mind and there are many variables that can affect costs including location, climate and environmental control systems.  We are often asked for a price per square foot but find that this is not an easy way to communicate price.  All of our estate greenhouses are designed and installed with the full force of our technical and design team, engineering specialists and project supervisor.  The ballpark price on the Willow Pond Lodge Greenhouse is approximately $170,000.  There are many ways to design our greenhouses with our various framing systems to meet the needs of every customers.  Please contact our team for more details.

Many customers use our project gallery as a starting point in their design plans as a start to a conversation.  Please call us today at 1-888-391-4433.

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Whidbey Island is located in Puget Sound, an area known for its rich variety of vacation, recreational and holiday destinations.  There is plenty of sightseeing, hiking, kayaking, and boating activities to help take in the beautiful natural surroundings.