Design and Collaboration

After an initial phone call and follow up with some preliminary sketches or architectural drawings provided by the customer.

Option 1

For those customers who have seen a photo of an estate greenhouse and would like to start the process, we try and get a solid idea of what the customers design needs and performance of the structure based on loads, and specifications of their area.    Through a conversation, we’re coming up with the initial sketches as a launching point.  This begins a open dialogue with our customers until a successful end result.

Typically, customers will send us a photograph of the location where the greenhouse will be situated and we can render the proposed greenhouse into the space for full effect and understanding.

Option 2

This is typically an architect driven project or customer initiated sketches.  They will send us the drawings of the greenhouse with approx sizing and approx style/design and it fast tracks the conversation.  We then take the initial drawings and we redraw it matching our own systems with the “greenhouse layer” with the proper number of bays and how large the spans can be.  We will redraw it as close to a match as possible using best practices with our manufacturing systems.

Once the design is approved, we will accompany the drawings with photos of other greenhouses with similar framing, and cross section pictures of the aluminum frames and provide ballpark pricing.  As we go through the process, we can provide framing samples.  Once approved, we then provide a complete proposal indicating costs, timeline and installation information.

Next steps

In both cases, the next step is to provide engineered drawings that the contractor or installer will use as part of their building permit submittal package.  The engineered drawings will also indicate exact foundation sizes and connection details along with identifying the ideal location of services such as electrical, gas and water.   The dialogue often takes place between several parties including the client, the architect, the builder/contractor and the tradespeople to ensure all details are covered.

The shop drawing stage is 2-3 weeks at which point customer has an opportunity to request a confirmation on connection details or design.  This is the final stage to make changes to the overall design.  Once it goes to engineering, the design is confirmed.

The permit process takes one week to one month+  depending on the local building department/planning office.  After the permit is issued, we will place the estate greenhouse into the production phase. Depending on the size and design, the manufacturing time can be 6 to 12 weeks. Typically the foundation is constructed on site concurrent to our build.

Our team will coordinate the shipping and delivery.  The installation depends on the size and complexity of the estate greenhouse and will typically take anywhere from 1 week to 3-4 weeks.


  1. Preliminary Design:
    • Let’s have a conversation regarding basics of design; general width, length, height, style of roof slope, whether we are required to design around any pre-existing conditions, what type of environment and general end product you desire.
    • Send us photos of what you like, whether it is from our website, a competitor, an architect you’re working with or a napkin doodle, it all helps to communicate what you’re looking for.
    • We’ll send you a quote for supply of the fully-manufactured product, with shipping to your curbside and an estimate for the assembly on your prepared foundation. We can supply a schematic line drawing to represent basis of design, location of typical equipment.
    • There can be a lot of back and forth at this stage to find the right spot for you. And because our designs are fully customizable, we can alter the design to suit your needs. Too much or not enough? We can help with advice on value engineering or supply creative ideas on how we can meet your needs and wants.
  2. Confirmation of Design:
    • Satisfied with the layout and price? Let’s make sure you’re going to like what you see by providing you with an architectural rendering of your design! Provide us with a photo of your existing site and we’ll render a life-like representation of what your estate-greenhouse will look like. Need to tweak the design? We’ll provide one more rendering, free of charge.
    • We take this 3D model and now apply schematic elevations and detail section layouts, to review with our engineering services. This is also the time to ensure that our details align with your contractor or architect, and review and revise as needed until we are all in agreement with the integrity and quality of the design.
    • We have these drawing sets stamped and sealed by a licensed professional engineer for the state or province of your location. These are forwarded to you for your records and can be used to obtain your local building permits.
    • Our installation crew is in contact with your contractor about the preparation of the site and coordinates details and expectations. In special cases, a representative of ours will perform a site measure-up to ensure all small details have been accounted for prior to manufacturing.
  3. Manufacturing:
    • Once all details have been confirmed and a deposit has been received for manufacturing, we start ordering products and manufacturing your design. Manufacturing can take 4-12 weeks depending on the scale and complexity of the design, and whether or not speciality equipment or products are required.
    • Often we pre-assemble portions or entire estate-greenhouses to ensure that all materials fabricated fit specifically as detailed and required on site.
    • All materials are quality checked during packaging and are wood crated to be shipped to site.
  4. Shipping and Installation:
    • The estate-greenhouse shipment leaves our manufacturing facility and we forward shipping documents to our installation crew and your contractors on site. Your local contractor will receive the shipment, and in some cases our installation crew arrives on site to receive the shipment.
    • Assembly starts and moves fast because everything is pre-manufactured. Some speciality details may require on-site fabrication which our experienced installation crew is prepared for.
    • Our full project installations provide a complete lifetime warranty.