Glazing Specifications


greenhouse glazing
Ideal Climate Control

Our thermally ideal system complemented with top of the line environmental control systems creates an extraordinary space for every season.  Insulated tempered glass is the premium standard product which makes for a beautiful greenhouse or conservatory. Our standard double glass sealed units are typically 3mm/4mm panes similar to a typical double paned window that incorporate a silicone seal around the edges to create weather resistance and even temperatures in the greenhouse.

High performance Low-E is an upgraded option that our design team strongly recommends for a comfortable living environment. Low-E glass maximizes the Insulating R-Value and reduces Relative Heat Gain. The Low-E (low emissivity) coating on the inside of the glass reflects most UV and infrared while keeping a clear view through the glass. The Low-E coating also reflects infrared back towards the interior retaining more heat.

Mix and match glazing for the best results including laminated or tinted glass to allow specific wavelengths of the light spectrum to enter the greenhouse.

Light Transmission

Clear Double Glass is ideal for maximizing visible light transmission and relative heat gain. With clear glass, an emphasis on ventilation is needed to reduce overheating during sunny periods.

Laminated Glass Units are typically used for the roof of public spaces and institutions which are required by building codes. The lamination layer will provide strength and hold the pane in place if the glass breaks. A laminated unit is typically composed of an exterior tempered glass piece, an air gap with two layers of float/annealed 3mm glass and a laminated interlayer which blocks UV.

glass greenhouse
Combination Glazing

Many of our projects utilize a combination of glazing to optimize the performance of the greenhouse. Whether you are interested in creating privacy, would like more light diffusion or permit certain light spectrums to pass for specific plants, our option of combination glazing might be suitable.  Weatherproof design for improved cold temperature flexibility is always a focus.

Ask us about upgraded glass options including tinted, mirrored, self cleaning or would like to have more light transmission through one side of the roof and not the other, we can combine
different glazing in different roof and wall sections to enable the environment you’re looking for.


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